How Does Custom Picture Framing Work?

How to Frame an Oil Painting
August 5, 2015
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How Does Custom Picture Framing Work?


Step 1:

Measure the piece you want framed.  Because of the nature of custom framing, we can frame just about anything you bring to us.  Without exact measurements it is impossible to give an accurate quote and the job would come out uneven and look wrong.  It is very crucial to get the exact height, length, and if applies, the width.

Step 2:

Chose a frame (moulding). There are many factors that play in this decision. I am going to break down the factors into two groups:

Exterior Factors:

o What are the colors of the wall or the surface the piece will be displayed.

o What type of décor , furnishings will surround the piece of art.

· Interior Factors (It is best to bring the piece so you can better judge these factors):

o What colors are used in the artwork?

o What texture does the piece have?

o What medium it is

o What moulding size: Depending on the size of the size of the piece. To best determine what the best size would be, place a sample frame surrounding the piece. If the piece is too large, a small frame would be easily missed. If the piece is small and you pick a large frame, the frame can obstruct the viewing of the piece.

Step 3:

Choose a Mat: The same factors used in step 2 are crucial in making this decision; there is only one additional factor that you must keep in mind:

· What frame did you chose? Depending on the color and texture of the frame you picked out, you can make a better decision. Follow the instructions on step 2.

Step 4:

Chose a glass: To determine what type of glass to use you must answer the following two questions:

1. What is your short term goal?

2. What is your long term goal?

For the most part, people want to display and protect the pieces they want to frame. Each type of glass has been made for a specific uses and purpose. For a detailed description on all of the available types of glass, please visit:
Once you make your selections we are ready to begin the picture framing process. If we have all of the materials in stock and depending on the workload in our workshop, we can have the piece ready within one day. We will call you, or send a text when the work has been done and is ready to be picked up.

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