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There are several items that a picture frames shop can repair or replace. The most common items are:

Replacement of:

1. artwork from frame or shadow box
2. frames
3. glass
4. stretch boards
5. backing
6. wire/hanger
7. liner

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1. frames
2. stretching bar
3. wrinkles repair
much more...

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A printing job can be done on either canvas, photography paper and other water resistant materials. Any size up to 60" to 100" (5: to 10"). In both cases it is very important to have the high quality of materials and ink. This quality not only will reflect in the quality of the artwork being printed but also in the durability of the piece. There are types of ink that last longer without fading. When printing on a canvas you must always remember to apply a UV protecting coating to avoid fading .

Another important factor that will influence the quality of the printing is a high resolution picture. Bring or send us a high resolution photo and we will be able to manipulate images using Photoshop and then print them.

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